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Plymouth Community Ambulance Association (PCAA) is a 911 Emergency only, Advanced Life Support, Paramedic Ambulance Service serving twelve municipalities and over 110,000 permanent residents. We have four busy stations in Montgomery County, PA, with a rich history. We invite you to join our ranks.

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The PCAA is always looking for new, motivated members to join our team, either as career Medics and EMTs, or Volunteers. Volunteerism is ideal for building a career in Emergence Services.

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We respond to 14,000+ emergency calls per year. We depend on donations and membership fees for staffing, training, and equipment. Donate online or through our other convenient options.

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Chief Thomas Trojansky and Battalion Chief Matthew Wells among the 5 Bomb Technicians, Officers and Medics Recognized For Heroics After Bomb Training Accident Last Fall

Chief Thomas Trojansky and Battalion Chief Matthew Wells were among five bomb technicians who were on a training mission in Montgomery County last fall when they found themselves in the middle of a blast zone after a devastating accident.  On Monday March 13, 2023 they were honored for their heroism...

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